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Iconic Tongan Olympic flag bearer goes shirtless amid frigid temperatures in Pyeongchang

Alex Lasker

Temperatures in Pyeongchang are so frigid right now that Olympians are being forced to throw away their expensive skis after mere practice runs — but that sure as hell didn't stop Tonga's viral flag bearer from going shirtless (again.)

If you recall, Pita Taufatofua made headlines during the 2016 Rio Olympics opening ceremony.

Taufatofua, a 34-year-old taekwondo fighter, piqued the interest of people around the globe when he marched out shirtless and covered in oil, wearing only a Tongan mat and his rock-hard abs, during the parade of the nations. The rest is viral history.

The world held its breath when Taufatofua announced that he had qualified for the Pyeongchang Games as a cross-country skier in January 2018. Would he and his glorious torso be making another appearance during the Winter Games opening ceremony? 

On Friday, we learned that even in the face of the bitter cold, Taufatofua would never disappoint his fans.

Taufatofua announced his intention to compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics at the end of 2016, stating that he was looking for a new challenge following his loss in Rio.

He is his country's sole representative in the Pyeongchang Games and the first ever Olympic cross-country skier from the Polynesian kingdom.