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ICYMI: Lean In's Rachel Thomas in Marie Claire: "Having Six Women Running for President Changes Everything"

PALO ALTO, Calif., July 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- In case you missed it, today, Marie Claire is out with a new op-ed by LeanIn.Org president and co-founder Rachel Thomas, which discusses what we can learn from the Democratic primary about the benefits of having more than one woman "in the room," whether at work, on the debate stage, or on the ballot. 


Key points:

  • "A record-breaking six women are running for president. That matters—and not just because it says our politics are becoming more equal. It also completely changes the dynamic of the debates and the race as a whole. Anyone who has ever walked into a meeting and realized with dismay, 'I'm the only woman here,' understands why."
  • "With six women in the race, the difference is striking. Just look at the first round of debates. On both nights, the women stood out—not because of their gender, but because they were so damn good. On average, they spoke more than the men. They also stood up for one another."
  • "The content of this year's debates has been different, too. Issues relevant to women have been front and center: paid family leave, reproductive rights, maternal mortality, equal pay...Compare that with four years ago, when reproductive rights and paid leave didn't come up until Hillary Clinton brought them up. A major benefit of diversity is having important ideas and experiences go from the fringe to the mainstream."
  • "There's evidence that it takes a 'critical mass' of women in an organization—for example, on a corporate board—before women stop being seen as tokens and start being seen as individuals."

Read the full piece here.

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