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iEntertainment Network, Inc. Announces Partnership with Gamaga Game Development Company and a Major TV Network!


iEntertainment Network, Inc. (IENT), announces important partnerships with Gamaga Ltd., (http://www.gamaga.com/) to produce new original games for a major TV network, to be announced later. The first game is Red Crimes: Hidden Murders.

IENT, with development by Gamaga, will release the first of three murder mystery games expected in July 2018 called Red Crimes: Hidden Murders (Season I). Season II will launch in October 2018, with Seasons III and IV ready for early 2019. IENT will produce two additional murder mystery games for the TV network in late 2018 and early 2019. These crimes games will be released with significant advertising and social media from the TV Network. Gamaga’s first two games have achieved over 175 million downloads.

Gamaga’s previous games have received world-wide recognition and have been downloaded tens of millions of times generating very significant revenues. Banana Kong, their first development project, was so popular it achieved over 125 million downloads. Gamaga’s recent simulation game, Operate Now: Hospital, has generated over 10 million downloads in its first six months since release. IENT expects Red Crimes: Hidden Murders, using the same system as Operate Now, to continue this excellent download and revenue generation success.

See an early video of the Red Crimes game here: goo.gl/LPWQtR.

iEntertainment Network, Inc., (www.IENT.com), publishes retail, online, and mobile games and its management has developed more than 500 successful games. Many of those games have sold more than 1,000,000 copies, including the world-famous Civilization, Gunship, F-15 Strike Eagle, M1 Tank Platoon, WarBirds, and more.

Gamaga is Chile’s biggest independent games company. Gamaga has an enviable track record of producing successful games with hundreds of millions of successful downloads and revenue success.

Safe Harbor Notice

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