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Illegally Operated Hotels Are Risky! Traveling Safely Is A Smart Choice

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Sept. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Taiwan's specialty cuisines and natural landscapes have earned international recognition and awards numerous times. As a result, the number of tourists visiting Taiwan increases year after year, making Taiwan undoubtedly one of the leading tourism destinations in the world! Picking a good hotel is often essential to having a perfect trip. Regardless of what an ideal accommodation looks like, safety is absolutely the most important consideration. Travelers should find an ideal, but safe and legally operated hotel.

Travelers will find two simple steps to help quickly identify legally operated hotels from the information below. There is no longer a need to worry about hotel accommodations while traveling, providing a relaxing and pleasant journey.

Illegally Operated Hotels Are Risky. Travelling Safely Is A Smart Choice

First Step: To choose a good hotel, visit TaiwanStay

Visiting the TaiwanStay website (http://taiwanstay.net.tw/), travelers have access to all the legally operated hotels. While checking off all the conditions that apply, or enter the name of the hotel on the website. If the hotel name pops up in the website, it's legitimate.

Second Step: Identify the hotel ID number and its certification

When entering a legally operated hotel or B&B, travelers  will see a certificate posted on the wall. If it is not present, ask the hotel staff or ask for the hotel ID number. This is an important step to protect your safety and interest.

Identify the hotel ID number and its certification

Just following these two simple steps helps you find a legally operated hotel quickly, and allows you to travel throughout Taiwan peacefully and happily!

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