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I'm Sick of Facebook

Tracey Ryniec

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook.

Are you as sick of hearing about the Facebook IPO as me?

Breaking news: Zuckerberg wore a hoodie on the IPO road show.

Can you believe it? What does this mean for the company? What does this mean for the stock price? Let's analyze it, shall we?

Yes, it's the biggest Internet IPO ever. I get it that many people are eager to buy in. It's an exciting event. Good for Facebook and all its employees. Silicon Valley has gotten its mojo back.

Facebook has some impressive numbers. 900 million users are now on Facebook. They spend an average of 405 minutes a month on the site, the highest of all the social media sites.

It is expected to raise about $12 billion on the IPO.

But do I really need to see ANOTHER article about how the Ferrari dealers in Silicon Valley have brought in extra inventory in anticipation of all the new millionaires? Or how Menlo Park and Palo Alto housing prices, which were already sky-high, are soaring even higher from all the new money?

I can't wait for this week to be over so we can talk about some other companies.

How's Apple looking lately?


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