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iMedicor Launches New Proprietary iCoreExchange Platform for the Healthcare and Patient Communities

Windermere, FL / ACCESSWIRE / April 24, 2014 / iMedicor (OTC Pink: VMCI) is pleased to announce the launch of its iCoreExchange, flagship, HIPAA-compliant, secure message hub that allows users to aggregate all their messages, both secure and non-secure, in a single, intuitive, easy-to-use interface. iCoreExchangeusers can manage all email accounts such as Yahoo, Gmail or Outlook under one intuitive, secure, HIPAA-compliant platform. No more need to manage multiple email accounts or worry about whether or not and email may or may not be secure, eliminating the possibility of onerous HIPAA violation fines.

iCoreExchangeis hosted and managed entirely by iMedicor, eliminating the need for any IT involvement. iCoreExchange provides a streamlined and intuitive interface that will run in any modern browser, including IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. iMedicorChief Technology Officer, Srini Vasan stated, "We are very excited about this entirely new platform that is both secure and HIPAA-Compliant. We believe the iCoreExchange platform is the most advanced set of communication tools available on the market. Our proprietary technology allows healthcare providers and patients to communicate both securely and efficiently within a single secure, managed, regulatory-compliant environment."

iCoreExchange allows healthcare providers and patients to send and receive secure and verified emails, attach files by dragging them into an easy-to-use "compose" window, all using NHIN Direct Protocol, as required by Meaningful Use Stage 2 federal regulation. Within the iCoreExchange, users can create private folders and search the public address book for providers to add to a secure, HIPAA-compliant practice network. The search can be by specialty, geography or affiliation. Healthcare professionals will also have the ability to communicate securely outside their immediate network.

iCoreExchange allows healthcare providers to network and build communities of peers to facilitate referrals, appointments and patient communication, all within the iCoreExchange. Robert McDermott, Chief Executive Officer of iMedicor stated, "We are very happy to bring the iCoreExchange's cutting edge platform capability to our customers and have it available for the entire healthcare community including patients and providers. We are confident that iCoreExchange will be well-received by the healthcare community. Indeed, early adoption is robust and accelerating as iMedicorreaches out to an increasing number of providers and institutions."

iMedicorwould welcome the investment community to observe and ask us about upgrades to the iCoreExchange and new products as we introduce exciting new solutions to the market in the coming weeks and months.


iMedicor is a national provider of secure, HIPAA-compliant communications solutions for the healthcare community. iMedicor offers physicians, patients and other healthcare providers the use of a secure, HIPAA-compliant communications network that addresses current federal standards for security and interoperability as defined by Meaningful Use regulations. iMedicor also serves as a leading national Meaningful Use consultancy that assists doctors and dentists convert from paper to electronic health records (EHRs) while qualifying under Meaningful Use Federal Incentive Funding guidelines.

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For more information contact: John Schneller at iMedicor, 888-810-7706, ext. 822.

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