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Immortals adds kNg to CS:GO team on a trial basis

Vito “kNg” Giuseppe joins Immortal’s CS:GO team on a trial period. (Immortals)

Esports organization Immortals have announced they are trialling a new player on their CS:GO roster. According to a post on the Immortals’ Facebook page, the team will be playing with Vito “kNg” Giuseppe at “upcoming tournaments.”

kNg is a former Counter-Strike 1.6 player. He is “on loan” from Red Reserve, an esports organization headquartered in the United States. kNg previously teamed up with current Immortals IGL Lucas “steel” Lopes on the team g3x in 2016. The trial reunites the two players on Immortals.

“[kNg’s] Brazilian heritage, long history in the game and consistent play over time make him a great candidate for the #IMTeam,” Immortals wrote in the announcement.

Earlier this month Immortals announced they were moving player Lincoln “fnx” Lau to the bench, and that he would be temporarily replaced with coach Rafael “zakk” Fernandes. The organization stated at the time that it was looking for trade offers from other teams.

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