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Important Clarification Regarding Trading in DXC Technology Common Stock Prior to June 1, 2018


DXC Technology (DXC) today issued the following clarification regarding trading in its common stock prior to June 1, 2018.

As previously disclosed on May 7, 2018, “regular way” trading of DXC common stock will continue through market close on May 31, 2018. DXC common shares purchased prior to market close on the 31st will have the right to receive one share of Perspecta Inc. common stock for every two shares of DXC common stock even though the record date for the distribution of Perspecta Inc. common stock to DXC stockholders was the close of business on Friday, May 25, 2018.

Prior to June 1, 2018, the only DXC shares that will trade without the right to receive Perspecta, Inc. common stock are DXC shares traded in the “ex-dividend” market under the symbol DXC-WI.

On June 1, 2018, DXC common stock will begin trading without the right to receive Perspecta Inc. common stock. This will also be the first day of regular way trading for Perspecta Inc. common stock on the NYSE.

About DXC Technology

DXC Technology (DXC) is the world's leading independent, end-to-end IT services company, serving nearly 6,000 private and public-sector clients from a diverse array of industries across 70 countries. The company's technology independence, global talent and extensive partner network deliver transformative digital offerings and solutions that help clients harness the power of innovation to thrive on change. DXC Technology is recognized among the best corporate citizens globally. For more information, visit dxc.technology.

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