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IMV.V - Immunovaccine Inc.: Initiation with an Outperform rating

By Grant Zeng, CFA

Immunovaccine (IMV.V) is a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on the development and advancement of its DepoVax™ vaccine-adjuvanting platform technology through therapeutic cancer and infectious diseases vaccine candidates.

IMV’s key strength lies in its unique proprietary vaccine delivery and adjuvanting technology DepoVaxTM. DepoVax is a lipid depot-based vaccine delivery and enhancement technology, which produces a strong, long-lasting and high-quality immune response that has a specific and sustained immune effect.

DepoVax is chemically stable and versatile, and can be used in various applications. Based on its DepoVax platform, IMV has built a diversified pipeline, which includes therapeutic cancer vaccines, infectious disease vaccines and animal health vaccines.

Based on the DepoVax technology, IMV had established a diversified pipeline focused on therapeutic cancer vaccines, infectious disease vaccines as well as vaccines for animal health. All of the Company’s vaccines in human and animal health utilize this adjuvanting platform to improve their effectiveness against cancer and infectious disease and for drug addiction and animal health.

Cancer vaccine DPX-0907 has completed Phase I studies, which demonstrated an excellent safety profile and initial antigen specific immune response. IMV is developing plans for further clinical trials for this candidate. Advancing clinical development of DPX-0907 through partnerships will create value for the Company and its shareholders.

Second cancer vaccine candidate DPX-Survivac is also in Phase I/II trial. Initial data has demonstrated that DPX-Survivac is safe and well tolerated for humans and specific immune response has been observed. Full Phase I data will be available in 4Q12.

In addition to therapeutic cancer vaccines, IMV is also developing vaccines for infectious diseases and animal health. Though these candidates are in preclinical studies, they will provide long term growth for the Company. Ongoing and prominent partnerships and collaborations for these two programs also boost its balance sheet by providing much needed funds for its operations.

Current valuation is attractive. We encourage investors to collect shares at this point.

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