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IMVR Announces World’s First AI Connected VR Device


The future of industrial grade Virtual Reality is revealed at CES 2018.

Years in development, the IMVR PRO line including the PRO-BlueSky and the PRO-DG1 provides a high quality VR experience focused on industrial, automotive, aerospace, military, theme park, and medical usage.

This is the first VR device that has an “always-on” connection through the AlterSpace immersive environment to AILEENN, The Artificial Intelligence Logical Electronic Emulation Neural Network Engine.

Manuel R. Gutierrez Novelo, the inventor and president of TDVision, IMVR, Angelinventum, AILEENN, and AlterSpace, holder of over 65 worldwide issued patents and honored with the Lumiere Award in 2013 for his contribution to the VR and Stereoscopic 3D Industry with key patents to the 3D Bluray Standard, was on-hand to comment on the achievement.

“We are very excited to be presenting the PRO line at the CES 2018 show. After making an apples to apples specs comparison with all the other existing HMDs in the market, our early adoption partners can corroborate that the clarity, the response, the field of view, and compatibility of our product is the best for professional markets. This is the result of great teamwork and working with our partner, BDT,” said Manuel Gutierrez Novelo from IMVR.

The PRO line with its dual screens and military grade, ultra-precise head tracking connects with the AlterSpace Virtual Environment Engine to accurately simulate any experience or setting featuring a 130 degree field of view, adjustable focus and adjustable inter pupillary distance. The PRO line connects to practically any HDMI output, enabling millions of computers and devices to render VR 360 interactive immersive content. The IMVR PRO line are agnostic products enabling the democratization of Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality over the AlterSpace ubiquitous platform.

“We made a strategic partnership with IMVR to provide the ultimate training experience for Automotive, Aerospace and Educational purposes, offering subscription based content, data mining and other data from the immersive experiences running into the AlterSpace,” said Charles Booth from AlterTraining.

About IMVR: ImmersiON-VRelia Inc. is focused on the creation of wide field-of-view 3D Stereoscopic Head Mounted Displays and Heads Up Displays for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for multiple industries. With the AlterSpace platform and SDK, ImmersiON-VRelia enables a vehicle for VR experiences and gaming, content distribution, and a fully immersive stereoscopic VR user interface.

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