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Inc. 5000 Staffing Firm Places 2x More Talent with New Tech Stack Strategy

Staffing Referrals announced today that, by combining six staffing industry software providers into one simple solution, this staffing firm differentiated their brand, accelerated their recruiting process, and improved the candidate experience.

BOULDER, Colo., Oct. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Today, a US-based staffing firm that was named to the Inc. 5000 seven times shared the technology strategy that helped them achieve exponential growth. By combining six staffing industry software providers into one simple solution, this staffing firm differentiated their brand, accelerated their recruiting process, and improved the candidate experience. That's why they continue to beat industry benchmarks for engagement and placements.

An executive from the company, who chose to remain anonymous to protect their competitive advantage, said that the tech stack has "revolutionized the way our company recruits. We can place talent faster and build stronger relationships more efficiently than any of our competition because of our tech stack."

Why did this staffing firm focus on their tech stack?

They focused on their tech stack strategy because they realized that big firms are dominating through their use of software. And technology adoption is on the rise by all firms looking to outpace their competition.

The staffing executive that we interviewed said, "I believe that our tech choices not only help our team work smarter, but they also improve the valuation of our firm by improving profitability."

How did they do it?

They developed a plan to get more placements by improving their entire candidate experience. Their goal with the new technology was to communicate faster, source smarter, and get real-time feedback to ensure the candidate experience was top-tier.

Next, they partnered with software providers to help them build on their vision. Here's a look at their tech stack strategy.

Tech Stack Strategy

  • Accelerate Communication - TextUs

In a world where speed to market is everything, the right communication platform can deliver a competitive advantage. TextUs helps the firm's recruiters communicate faster than the competition with real-time communication that includes business texting and cloud voice.

Demo TextUs

  • Source Smarter - Staffing Referrals

To ensure clients get the right people at the right time, this staffing firm implemented Staffing Referrals.

Staffing Referrals automated their referral management process. This increased referral placements by over 43% in the first 12 months. The referral software saved the firm hundreds of recruiting hours by automatically tracking, managing, and scaling their referral program. It essentially turned their candidates into recruiters.

Demo Staffing Referrals

  • Streamline Onboarding - EmployStream

If you ask candidates the biggest headache in working with a staffing firm, they'll often say it's the onboarding process. EmployStream eliminates arduous manual onboarding processes, allowing the firm to hire 90% faster by streamlining, automating, and simplifying the hiring process end-to-end.

Demo EmployStream

  • Improve Candidate Experience - StaffUpApp

StaffUpApp puts the candidate experience front and center by delivering a fully functional mobile job board and engagement tool. While most staffing firms know that the mobile experience matters, few offer their talent an app that allows easy job searching, push notifications, seamless applications, and a back-end admin dashboard. The product has had a direct impact on renewals and online applications.
Demo StaffUp

  • Automate Recruiting - Herefish

Herefish integrates with every other tool in the tech stack to create a single source of truth for the firm to track progress, connect with leads, and speed the sales cycle.

To improve efficiency and drive renewals, Herefish automates the rote aspects of the candidate journey to free up recruiter time for building relationships and closing deals.

Demo Herefish

  • Manage Reputation in Real-Time - Great Recruiters

Great Recruiters, the first real-time reputation management platform built for the staffing and recruiting industry, helps the firm remain on the pulse of recruiter performance. With real-time reviews, the firm is constantly aware of the health of their business, can protect their reputation, and scale referrals.

Demo Great Recruiters

Here are links to each of the staffing software providers websites: TextUs, Staffing Referrals, EmployStream, StaffUp, Herefish, and Great Recruiters.

And for more information about how staffing firms select technology, check out this staffing industry benchmarking report.