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Incapsula Launches New Infrastructure DDoS Protection Services

REDWOOD SHORES, CA--(Marketwired - May 28, 2014) - Incapsula, the cloud-based security service, today announced two new services, built to protect against large scale DDoS attacks. The new services complement Incapsula's award-winning Web DDoS and Security offering:

  • DNS Protocol Protection - provides a hardened DNS proxy service that shields the customers' own DNS servers to address what Incapsula has observed as a shift in how DDoS attacks are executed. By targeting DNS servers that resolve domain names to IP addresses, attackers can effectively take down websites and cloud applications by making them unfindable.

  • Infrastructure Protection - protects networks from direct volumetric attack on IP addresses or ranges, guarding against exploits on internal websites, email servers, FTP servers and other applications. The service utilizes the BGP protocol to dynamically reroute traffic through Incapsula's scrubbing network in the event of an attack, with cleansed traffic routed through a secure GRE tunnel back to the customer's infrastructure.

The underlying technology behind these new offerings is a new custom-built filtering hardware, codenamed "Behemoth." Each appliance can process up to 170Gbps of traffic at line rate, performing deep packet inspection and filtering, tunneling, and routing. The new appliances are being deployed throughout Incapsula's worldwide network.

"Behemoth is at the core of our network expansion, geared towards protecting against Terabit scale DDoS attacks," said Gur Shatz, Incapsula CEO and Co-Founder. "We needed to build our own networking equipment because DDoS mitigation requires full programmability of the data-plane. Traditional network equipment and protocols such as Flowspec, Netflow and Openflow do not deliver this level of control."

The new features of Incapsula's DDoS protection services are available immediately. To find out more, register for the product tour webcast on June 10. To speak to a sales representative or arrange for a demonstration, please contact us directly.

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