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Incheon International Airport's Duty Free "AIRSTAR Avenue" Wins "World's Best Duty Free Award"

Incheon International Airport’s AIRSTAR Avenue was chosen as the ‘World’s Best Duty Free Shop’ at ‘Business Traveller Asia-Pacific Awards 2013’ in Hong Kong on Sep. 27,2013. Award presenter Regina Ip Lau Suk Yee, member of the Legislative Council Hong Kong(Right) and Changkyu Kim, Director of Incheon Airport Retail Marketing Team at the Award ceremony. Click here for high-resolution version

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA--(Marketwired - Oct 1, 2013) - Where is the World's Best Place for Duty Free Shopping?

Incheon International Airport's AIRSTAR Avenue (www.iiacairstar.kr) today announced its honor of being chosen as the 'World's Best Duty Free Shop' at 'Business Traveller Asia-Pacific Awards 2013'.

The 'Business Traveller Asia-Pacific Awards' hosted by business travel magazine Business Traveller, has awarded AIRSTAR Avenue as the world's top Duty Free shop for three consecutive years since 2011.

This year 'Business Traveller Asia-Pacific Awards 2013' has executed three months survey worldwide on-and-offline for airport customers starting from April. The results of the survey revealed that AIRSTAR Avenue received the highest support from travelers around the world.

Business Traveller acknowledged that AIRSTAR Avenue deserve the award not only for the superb shopping environment but also for the brand's competitive management to keep pace with 'Korean Wave' by establishing popular Korean brand shops in the Duty Free complex. Especially, diverse attractions organized for customers that were not carried out by Duty Free brands in other countries were especially a strong merit. Also the cultural events and programs carried out by Traditional Korean Culture Experience Center all year long provided enjoyment for foreign travelers from around the world.

As the world's only integrated Duty Free shop brand, AIRSTAR Avenue opened jointly with three other Duty Free brands (Lotte Duty Free, The Shilla Duty Free and Duty Free Korea) in June of 2008 at Incheon International Airport. With its integrated marketing foundation, AIRSTAR Avenue continues to lead in establishing an extravagant shopping environment with special promotions and wide range of accommodations to meet the need of global travelers.

President Chung Chang-soo of the Incheon Internatioanal Airport Corp. said, "This year's award is especially meaningful for us as it shares the view of worldwide travelers," stating, "We will make sure to continue this honor as 'The World's Best Duty Free' by providing excellent services that can boast our advanced concept shopping complex."

In January of this year, AIRSTAR Avenue was also honored as the 'Best Duty-Free in the World' for three consecutive years by the 'Business Traveler' in the USA print edition.

Incheon International Airport's Duty Free AIRSTAR Avenue
Incheon International Airport's Duty Free brand AIRSTAR Avenue is an integrated Duty Free brand based in the Incheon International Airport. Launched in June of 2008, AIRSTAR Avenue provides integrated marketing promotions, a wide range of accommodations and more. AIRSTAR Avenue has been acknowledged by the renowned travel magazine 'Buisness Traveller' for three consecutive years and always seeks to cooperate with partnering Duty Free brands to provide goods with a competitive price, a pleasant shopping environment and convenient facilities for travelers.