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Increase for Nebraska property tax credit fails

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) -- Lawmakers have rejected an attempt to add $7.5 million in yearly funding to Nebraska's property tax credit program.

Supporters fell short Thursday of the votes needed to include funding in the state's proposed two-year budget.

Sen. Ken Schilz, of Ogallala, says he introduced the amendment because he constantly hears complaints about property taxes. He says the amendment was intended to keep pressure on lawmakers and attention on the issue.

Opponents say the amendment would divert $15 million in the budget away from wind energy, a water study, child care subsidies and other bills that will cost money. They also argued that it would reward landowners who don't actually live in Nebraska.

Nebraska currently provides $115 million in credits against property-tax bills.

The amendment failed, 14-15, with 18 senators abstaining.