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India Readies 750,000 Russian Assault Rifles and a Nuclear Submarine. Is Pakistan in the Crosshairs?

Ben Brown
750,000 AK 203 assualt rifles will be produced at a factory in India. | Source:: kalashnikov

By CCN.com: India is stockpiling an enormous arsenal of weaponry and military equipment.

According to an announcement on Sunday, March 3rd, India will make a quarter of a million new assault rifles for the Indian army. India’s president Narendra Modi opened the new Kalashnikov plant in partnership with Russian.

India is also expected to sign a lease for a Russian nuclear attack submarine this week. The $3 billion deal will see India take control of a fully-customized nuclear vessel.

Tensions between India and Pakistan have simmered down since last month’s airstrikes. However, India is ramping up its arsenal. Is this a sign of defense or aggression towards Pakistan?

750,000 Russian Assault Rifles in Production

India’s new arms factory will churn out 750,000 AK 203s. The weapon is an upgrade from the AK 100, which itself evolved from the infamous AK 47. While the firepower is much the same, the AK 203 is more accurate and better designed. It can also be equipped with a laser sight.

President Modi thanked his “friend” Vladimir Putin as he opened the facility in Amethi, a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

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