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Indian SMEs Remain Hard To Penetrate

Sramana Mitra

Originally published by Sramana Mitra on LinkedIn: Indian SMEs Remain Hard To Penetrate

During this week’s roundtable, Girish Rowjee, Co-Founder and CEO of Greytip Software discussed his long journey selling HR and Payroll software to the Indian SMEs. Greytip is one of the two successful SaaS companies in India who have managed to penetrate the mid-market. The other one is Knowlarity. We showcased Ambarish Gupta, their founder, at a previous roundtable as well.

You can listen to the recording of this roundtable here:


As for the pitches, Orlando Garcia from Sherman Oaks, California, pitched AvaMed, a marketplace for hiring healthcare workers. Orlando has deep domain knowledge and lots of existing client relationships through another business that he runs. I am excited about the next 6-9 months when he focuses on engaging and learning from those customers and getting to product-market fit.


Next, Ibrahim Badmus from Williamsport, Pennsylvania, pitched Tpper, a tipping app for restaurants, waiters, and consumers to engage in peer-to-peer tipping. The business model doesn’t look compelling, and we advised Ibrahim to consider something quite different from where he is right now.


Then Ruturaj Kohok from Nashik, India, pitched PriceKart, a comparison shopping portal. Ruturaj has a thriving digital marketing business, and is bootstrapping nicely with services. This business can be developed nicely for a while through bootstrapped mechanics, before bringing in external financing. I would like to see a clear financial analysis on growth levers and TAM.

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