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This Indoor Tree House Is Epic - It’s 7 Feet Tall!

Rebecca Brown

When you think about the sort of magical play that has the ability to transport your child to a land of make-believe, it's hard to visualize an environment that's conducive to that that doesn't involve a tree house. Sure, some families have handy parents who are able to properly build out these sorts of construction projects, and there is also the option to purchase a hefty wooden structure for the yard, but while those environments are wonderful for our kids, they're not always practical.

The Big Tree Fort Building Kit for Kids Heavy ($150) is sort of at the other end of play houses when it comes to build time. Though it soars at 7 feet high and 58 inches in diameter, it features a slotted cardboard design, which means it's more practically used indoors in a playroom or classroom - and, ahem, way easier to put together. There's room for several kids and their toys, and it has a fully functioning door at the front, making it a great spot for play or even reading alone.