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Industry Leaders Launch Next-Gen, Ultra-Customizable Wellness Platform, Buddy Nutrition


Functional Foods-Based Vitamins and Supplements Created for Today’s Informed Consumer Created by Leaders Behind Dermstore, GNC, Hippeas, Ugly Water and More

Buddy Nutrition (https://www.buddynutrition.com/), a modern personalized nutrition platform – created by leading health and wellness executives – offering ultra-customizable functional foods and supplements, has today announced its public launch. Buddy Nutrition is backed by Forerunner Ventures and Strand Equity, placing the brand in company with Birchbox, Glossier, Dollar Shave Club, Curology, HUM Nutrition, Flywheel, Chopt and Vita Coco.

Livio Bisterzo, Founder of Buddy Nutrition and Chief Executive Officer of the brand’s holding company, Green Park Brands, is best known for bringing some of the world’s fastest growing natural snack brands to market, including HIPPEAS, Ugly Water, Reel Paper and Mavericks Snacks.

President of Buddy Nutrition, Dan Obegi, joins Bisterzo to grow the brand into the foremost leader in the nutrition segment of the health and wellness industry. Obegi has held executive positions with industry leaders including Chief Digital Officer at GNC, and led the successful sale of Dermstore.com, the number one skincare e-commerce retailer in the U.S., to Target as Chief Executive Officer of the site.

"We are excited to launch a platform that specifically caters to the health-conscious generation,” commented Dan Obegi. “Buddy Shots eliminate the need for a daily handful of pills and easily align with a modern fast-paced lifestyle. Today’s customers demand brands and products that provide them with a tailored experience. We provide access to side-by-side product development, led by the expertise of nutrition buddies.”

Buddy Shots
The first launch from Buddy Nutrition is the Buddy Shot. For $79.95 a month (or just $2.67 per day), customers receive a full month’s supply of 1.8 oz, ultra-customized, all natural fruit smoothie wellness shots. Two base flavors are currently available, the first being Berry-Berry + Banana and the second, Tropical Mango + Pineapple. Buddy Shots are a functional food, meaning they are fortified with additional nutritional ingredients to achieve specific goals beyond basic macro nutrition. Shot bases are all-natural, vegan, and free of dairy, soy, artificial colors and artificial sweeteners.

Next-Gen Customization
Customers have the option to alter formulas by adding vitamins, minerals, and botanicals to fit unique lifestyle and fitness needs, along with the desired level of each added ingredient. Want more energy? More focus? Need help with stress? Eating a vegan diet? There’s a personalized Buddy Shot just right for every need. Buddy Nutrition offers billions of possible combinations for each buddy shot formula, three different levels for each ingredient and the monthly option to alter the formula as goals are reached and interests change.

Smoothie Shots > Pills
Ideal for those who dislike swallowing pills and value convenience, Buddy Shots erase the need for taking a handful of bullet-sized supplements every morning. The tasty flavors act as a base for the vitamins, minerals, and botanicals so that they are easy to digest and do not irritate the stomach. Shots include the equivalency of approximately 15 pills in a concentrated, nutrition-packed, ultra-convenient 1-3 second gulp.

Nutrition “Buddies”
Every ingredient—from produce to vitamins to botanicals—is carefully selected by a team of nutrition professionals. Consumers receive access to a team of nutrition professionals or “buddies” for free. Nutrition buddies get to know their customers virtually and make recommendations based on their extensive knowledge of nutrition - no additional research necessary.

The Buddy Nutrition scientific advisory board, which features western and eastern medical doctors, registered dieticians, nutritionists and the unique Buddy Nutrition algorithm, advise on ingredient selection and quantity. Scientific advisory board members include Lonna Larsh MD and Dr. Miles Nichols DAOM.

For more information about the Buddy Nutrition platform, or to get started on creating a Buddy Shot formula, please visit www.buddynutrition.com.

Buddy Nutrition knows that you’re unique and believes that what you put in your body should be too. The Buddy Team has built a modern personalized nutrition platform – created by leading health and wellness executives – offering ultra-customizable, natural nutrition solutions. Their range of personalized products are recommended by your new nutrition expert, your "Buddy", based on your goals and lifestyle. Buddy Nutrition does the research, custom blends products just for your, so you have one less thing to worry about. Healthy made easy. Your nutrition, your way. Buddy Nutrition products change when you change- you can update your order each month to align with changes in your individual health goals, lifestyle and diet. Buddy Nutrition was created by Green Park Brands. To learn more about Buddy Nutrition, please visit https://www.buddynutrition.com.

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