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InfiniDome Introduces Its GPS Cyber Protection to the Fleet Management Industry at NAFA and ACT Expos

CAESAREA, Israel, April 24, 2018 InfiniDome Ltd. (Previously, GPSdome Ltd.), the GPS Cyber Company, announced a collaboration agreement with a US based system integrator, which provides fleet management solutions to Latin American and US truck fleets. The collaboration includes the integration of its GPSdome technology within the fleet management tracking unit. The new solution will protect against GPS jamming and spoofing attacks, as well as report such attacks back to the control center.

The company will introduce its GPSdome cyber solutions to the fleet management industry at NAFA 2018 Expo (Anaheim, CA, April 25-26), and at ACT Expo (Long Beach, CA, May 1-2).

"We conducted a joint demonstration of the GPSdome-protected tracker to major truck fleet managers in Mexico, who showed a huge interest in this new product," said Moshe Kaplan, InfiniDome's CTO. "Our demo showed a successful functioning of the fleet management tracking unit under GPS jamming attacks plus sending a jamming alert indication which could notify the fleet management control center that an attempt to attack the truck is undertaking".

"Using GPS jamming in freight truck hijacking becomes more common, in order to make the hijacked truck disappear from the fleet management control center," said Ehud Sharar, InfiniDome's President. "Our GPSdome protection allows the truck to continue transmitting its precise location under GPS jamming and spoofing attacks and send alarm signals to the control center which allows it to respond in time to prevent the hijacking attempt".

"Adding this new layer of cyber-security for the massive fleets deployed worldwide will be a game-changer for the theft-ridden, multi-billion dollar transportation industry since the weapon-of-choice for the hijackers are these GPS jammers," said Omer Sharar, GPSdome's CEO.  "We offer integrating our cyber protection technology inside fleet management trackers and systems at an affordable price, and we will continuously develop our technology further to meet new jamming and spoofing challenges".

InfiniDome Ltd. (previously, GPSdome Ltd.) developed a cyber protection solution against jamming and spoofing for GPS-based systems, such as Asset-Tracking applications, autonomous vehicles, UAVs, homeland security, smart city and timing systems. Its competitive advantages are its minimal SWaP (size, weight and power consumption), and an affordable price comparing to existing solutions developed for military applications that require military export license. The company's cyber solutions have been successfully proven in the field, and are commercially available globally.

For more information: www.infinidome.com


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