Infinitus Launches New Li Mai Jian Series for Bone and Joint Health

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GUANGZHOU, China, July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Infinitus, a leading provider of high-quality Chinese herbal health products and services, launched a new series of Li Mai Jian supplements on July 20. The new product launch, themed Making Bones Stronger for Joint Health, was held the same evening online and attracted more than 130,000 views.

Live Broadcast of the Li Mai Jian New Product Launch
Live Broadcast of the Li Mai Jian New Product Launch

Arthritis is no longer just a problem for the elderly. In recent years, the number of sufferers of the disease among members of younger generations has grown, while joint health has become a pressing concern for an increasing number of consumers. To this end, Infinitus, a dietary supplement brand committed to meeting the needs of Chinese families for balanced nutrition through providing a wide range of Chinese herbal products, developed a brand new collection of Li Mai Jian specifically for bone and joint health, offering precise and timely care for bones and joints.

Prof. Guo Xiaodong, chief physician of orthopedics, shared guidance on joint care with the audience. He said, "when it comes to dietary supplements, they should be produced to include precisely what joints need on the one hand, such as chondroitin sulfate, collagen and hyaluronic acid contained in cartilage extracts, while on the other hand, they must include calcium and vitamin D, to make the bones stronger and the joints healthier."

The Li Mai Jian collection is available in a "Care for Joints" package, including Li Mai Jian Cartilage Extract Pressed Candy and Li Mai Jian Calcium, Zinc and Vitamin D Tablets (Strawberry Flavor), both of which can meet the needs of different age groups for bone and joint health. The products, based on Chinese health wisdom, are scientifically formulated with coix seeds and lobed kudzuvine root for additional care for joints.


SOURCE Infinitus (China) Company Ltd.