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Infinity AR Invests in Meta Augmented Reality Hardware Developer

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jul 15, 2013) - Infinity Augmented Reality, Inc. ("Infinity Augmented Reality" or "Infinity AR") (OTCQB: ALSO), the first augmented reality software platform to connect universally with digital eyewear, smartphones and tablets, announced today that it recently invested and formed a strategic alliance with Meta, the developer of mega-view augmented reality glasses.

Meta, privately owned and founded by Meron Gribetz and other University of Columbia students, is a wearable computing augmented reality company and the leading hardware developer for augmented reality products. The company recently added University of Toronto professor Steve Mann, known as the father of wearable computing, as its chief scientist. Infinity AR's investment reveals its dedication to aligning with a company with the same cutting-edge creativity and implementation.

"We are extremely excited about our investment into Meta," says Infinity AR's CEO Enon Landenberg. "This relationship simply makes good business sense. Their augmented reality glasses are superior to any others out there and Infinity AR's software platform is unmatched in bringing the augmented reality experience to life. It is a marriage that leads to a successful honeymoon and beyond." The integral aspect of this strategic relationship is that Infinity AR has access to Meta's hardware before it is released to the public. This gives the company an edge, allowing Infinity AR's development team to fine-tune and tweak the product, thus enhancing the software platform for leading digital eyewear.

Infinity AR will provide the all-in-one software platform for the various hardware products used to experience augmented reality. One of those products are the digital glasses that allow users to experience concerts, sports, and even gambling as if they were actually at the event. However, not all digital glasses perform the same. As Infinity AR Director, serial technology entrepreneur, and founder of Mobli, Moshe Hogeg states, "I've tried Google Glass as well as other digital eyewear and none compare to Meta's version. The others are simple heads-up notification glasses whereas Meta offers a full augmented reality system."

While not everyone has access to investing in Meta, Infinity AR's calculated relationship permits the company to strategically control its growth. "As a publicly traded company, we have a responsibility to make sure we are investing in areas that accentuate our attributes and that mesh well with our products and philosophy," Landenberg stated.

Meta has earned a following from other interested parties as well, including the exclusive world renowned incubator Y Combinator, which consists of seed investors that allow the best startups to move to Silicon Valley for three months to help them refine their pitch to other investors. The startups gain additional exposure with "Demo Day" and other events, as well as advice from guest speakers that include Mark Zuckerberg, Al Gore, Guy Kawasaki, Marc Andreessen, and many others.

Meta's pair of stereoscopic glasses combined with super low latency gesture tracking was just one attraction for Infinity AR's investment. The recent investment and continued courtship promises even more augmented reality products soon coming to market.

About Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality is a medium in which real sensory inputs are enhanced, or augmented, with relevant digital information from the Internet. Using specially equipped eyewear, virtual images, video, and sound are superimposed for the user over what is actually seen and heard, heightening the real-life experience with additional information that is pertinent, informative, practical and entertaining. The individual user may also be fully immersed in a virtual world, temporarily blocking out real surroundings. With augmented reality, sensory inputs are no longer limited to what is within eyeshot or earshot, but may incorporate, in real-time, all that the network has to offer.

Augmented Reality requires an interface, such as digitally-enhanced eyewear, that can instantaneously overlay virtual images and video on top of what is actually experienced. Companies like Google and Lumus are in the process of developing augmented reality glasses that will change the way users see and interact with the world. Infinity AR will utilize its augmented reality applications through these glasses and through other mobile devices including smart phones. As the individual changes his or her visual perspective the sights that are overlaid change accordingly. The eyewear incorporates audio speakers that add virtual sounds to the experience, as well as microphones that capture and interpret the user's spoken commands through speech recognition technology in order to summon desired information and actions. Further information on the Company is available at its website, www.infinityar.com.

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