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Inflation-Plagued Zimbabwe Is So Poor It Can’t Even Issue Passports

Ryan Smith
Zimbabwe is so poor that it can't even afford to issue its citizens passports, and locals are turning to Bitcoin in the inflation-ridden country. | Source: REUTERS / Philimon Bulawayo

Zimbabwe’s woes continue as the cash-strapped southern African nation is now so poor it cannot even issue its own passports.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa told reporters that the issuing company is refusing to do any further business with the government until it has settled its debts.

According to Reuters, however, the passport office is running short of specialized ink and paper and the necessary foreign currency reserves to purchase it with. Elsewhere, shortages for everyday items like bread and fuel continue to push more Zimbabweans to apply for international travel documents.

Inflation Rapidly Approaching 100% in Zimbabwe

Higher prices are spiraling out of control in the country, with Zimbabwe easily being the worst performing nation in the African block.

zimbabwe inflation

Only last week, authorities outlawed the use of other currencies as legal tender. In their place, the government installed a new Zim currency, temporarily referred to as the RTGS dollar.

Obvious Lack of Faith in the Local Currency

Zimbabwe was once lovingly referred to as the breadbasket of Africa. That label is now long gone thanks to the insane monetary policies of prior dictator Robert Mugabe. In 2008, Zimbabweans hoarded US dollars and South African rands in the aftermath of a local and global financial crisis.

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