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This influencer wants you to know what her body really looks like

Daniella Scott
Photo credit: Ariella Nyssa - Instagram

From Cosmopolitan

By now, we are very used to the influencer Instagram bikini shot. We've seen so many of these over the years that we've lost track of the number of washboard abs, imperceptibly perky bums and anti-gravity boobs we've witnessed during our morning scroll. If this makes you feel bad about yourself, you're not alone - we've all been there.

Which is why Sydney based influencer Ariella Nyssa has started using her platform to show people what the body of an influencer really looks like, without posing or editing her body. In October of this year Ariella posted on Instagram saying "There were nights that I curled up in a ball and would cry just because I felt so bad about being ME... No more diets, no more starvation, no more guilt when I miss days at the gym and most importantly no more self-hatred."

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Since then, Ariella has been using her platform to spread this message, urging her followers to embrace however they look, "No matter the angle. No matter the size. No matter the fat percentage. No matter your skin. No matter the size of your stomach. No matter the cellulite. No matter your face."

Her posts are flooded with messages of love and support from her followers, such as one that said, "Such an inspiration and thank you for helping me love my body more resulting in better mental health acceptance."

In September, Ariella set up another Instagram account called The Self Love Bible, where she posts pictures and captions of followers who are all on their own self journey.

This, this right here, is a vibe.

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