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Influencers Transcript: Mark Cuban, May 23, 2019

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    Nimmy Wildfire
    I mean, you know?
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    He has value in what he says..just me, but thoughtful problem solvers,are in short supply.
    We need more of his type, yet we reward politicians who pander for their jobs. Sad in a way that thoughtful influencers like him are in short supply.
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    Tuesday November 3rd 2020
    AI is an abused term. Kinda like the cloud. Trying to make it out like it's the next new kind of thing is wrong. With the cloud you are outsourcing your data storage to a shared server connected via the Internet. With AI, we've had algorithms that perform calculations and solve problem from since the beginning of computers. AI is just more and more advanced algorithms. Even if it gets to the point when algorithms are creating new algorithms it's still just computer code. Therein, the only thing Mark Cuban is saying is that computer are going to influence business even more in the future. Hard to argue with that but please, enough with the AI.
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    Wrong. The problem is a total lack of morality in this country. Look at history. Every empire has suffered moral degradation leading to eventual destruction. It just goes faster now due to modern communications.
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    What's a freakin influencer?
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    Where can I get a cool comb-over like Andy's??
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    Glad to see that Mark Cuban has a nutty, imbecilic side when it comes to taking revenge. He is certainly not as smart as his wealth would suggest. Cuban would make a horrible leader - as horrible as Trump, Obama, & GW Bush
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    Jew neocon criminal hiding in Trump cabinet declare war with China in our name [US]. Jew neocon criminal and China are greatest adversary and enemy for the last 150yrs.
    Trump have been corrupt, hijack and taking over by the Jew neocon criminal mafia community.