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InfoMark Offers Free App Helping Keep Readers Up to Date with Ever-Changing News

MOBILE, Ala., March 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- During this time of uncertainty and anxiety where there are more questions than answers one company, InfoMark, based in Mobile, Alabama is working to give media the opportunity to connect their readers with up-to-date information on the ever-changing news associated with COVID-19.

All the information can be found in one easily accessible link through InfoMark.com. It's easy! It's free! And unlike many social media outlets, no personal data is collected. There's no signing up. You don't even enter an email. All you do is go to the website www.infomark.com and enter a four-character code, called a "Mark" and the user is presented with useful and specific information!

The "Mark" for information related to COVID-19 is *CV19.

Users desire a digital link to the specific information without the complexity and confusion of surfing the web. InfoMark was created to quickly deliver that specific desired digital content. The resources within the CV19 Mark will be updated regularly in order to continually improve the value of a Mark.

InfoMark.com and the InfoMark App give media and consumer products a simple digital link providing a user with the information they need, when and where they need it! Users can now quickly access audio, video, photos, PDF, and any other digital formats from desktops, phones, and tablets from a simple 4-character code. The alphanumeric code will follow the star key when listed within media or on a product; for example, *INFO.

The introductory InfoMark video is located at: https://infomark.com/watch/  or within the Mark *INFO at infomark.com.

InfoMark.com and the InfoMark apps are digitally linked and allow users to create Marks, view Marks, view Mark history and "favorite" Marks.

Primary uses of a InfoMark includes the ability for print writers to share additional content with articles. For example, an audio file of an article read by the author in their own voice or a video creating a more interesting experience adding more value to many forms of Print including Newspapers, Magazines, Labels and Signage. Other formats like PDF, PPT, URL, phone numbers, and maps can be used by InfoMark.

About InfoMark:

InfoMark is a wholly owned subsidiary of Xante Corporation, headquartered in Mobile, Alabama. InfoMark and the InfoMark logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Xante' Corporation.   

For more information contact:
Jesse Stallone
President, InfoMark
(251)706-2772 ext 4640


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