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Information Provider Companies Realign their Business

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New York City, New York - Markets are currently trading up and the bullish sentiments are expected to prevail for the time being. The Technology sector is also trading in-line with the broader markets showing an upward stance. Major stocks including Thomson Reuter Corporation (TRI) have provided good returns to their investors. At the very same time, the companies are also restructuring their businesses as IHS Inc. (IHS) reported the announcement of its new CFO. Thomson Reuter also took strong steps including layoffs to curtail its costs in a bid to boost profitability. Its stock price is expected to respond well to the efforts.

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Thomson Reuters Corporation is currently in the process of redesigning its business structure. The company is all set to slash its headcount by 2,500 to cut its costs. It is expected to incur $100 million in severance costs. Most of the cuts are likely to take place in its financial and risk segment. The company currently employs about 60,000 people globally. The decision was taken consequent to disappointing quarterly results and weak outlook. Our free research report onThomson Reuters Corp.can be downloaded upon registration at


Thomson Reuters reported measly 2 percent increase in its revenue for the fourth quarter of the year. It reported its revenue at $3.36 billion, in-line with consensus estimates. Its adjusted earnings at 60 cents per share beating consensus estimate of 55 cents per share in earnings. The company had earned 54 cents per share in earnings for the corresponding quarter of the last year.

Thomson Reuters also provided guidance for the current financial year. It expects the EBITDA margin to be in the range of 26 percent and 27 percent, down from 27.4 percent it had earned 2012. However, the company CEO James Smith expressed his satisfaction over the results of the business’s turnaround efforts saying, “The success we are having today doesn't start showing up until next year.”

Elsewhere in the industry, IHS Inc. reported healthy increase in its profits. The company’s exceeded consensus estimates by posting $1.21 per share in earnings per share. Its quarterly revenue at $409.9 million also surpassed analysts’ expectations of $409.9 million. The business showed across the board improvement as the company’s non-subscription business grew to $112.2 million, up 15 percent.IHS Inc.free research is available today at


IHS Inc. also provided outlook for its FY2013. The company expects its adjusted earnings for the year to be in the range of $4.23 and $4.43 per share. Its revenue expectations have been pegged between $1.64 billion and $1.71 billion. However, IHS Inc. expects its first half of the year to be slow and lighter.

The company also announced the appointment of Todd Hyatt as its new Chief Financial Officer. He will also assume the position of IT Officer and Senior Vice President. IHS also made another important appointment as it named Rich Walker as its new Executive Vice President of Global Finance. The company is also undertaking a number of acquisitions to grow its business. Since 2005, it has made more than 50 acquisitions to consolidate its position in the market.

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