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ING Group files update of IPO registration statement

ING announced that ING U.S., Inc., its U.S.-based retirement, investment and insurance business, has filed an update of its registration statement with the U.S. SEC in connection with its proposed Initial Public Offering. The amendment includes full-year 2012 US GAAP results, as well as targets which ING U.S. has formulated for its return on equity and return on capital measures through 2016. ING has previously announced it is divesting its insurance and investmentmanagement businesses as part of a restructuring programme agreed with the European Commission. While all options for divestment remain open, the base case for the divestment of ING U.S. is through an IPO. In this context, ING U.S. filed an initial registration statement with the SEC in November 2012 and an amendment to that registration statement in January 2013.