Ingage and Rillavoice Announce Partnership & Integration

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Scrollmotion, Inc. d/b/a/ Ingage
Scrollmotion, Inc. d/b/a/ Ingage

YARDLEY, Pa., March 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ingage, the industry leader in sales presentations, and Rillavoice, dynamic software that enables field sales teams to record, transcribe and analyze all their sales conversations in real time, announce their new integration to give sales managers and business owners comprehensive insight into the in-home sales process.

Rillavoice is a speech analytics software for outside sales - think home improvement sales reps who talk to customers face to face. From their tablets, the Rillavoice Mobile app records their conversations, then uses AI to automatically transcribe and analyze these conversations to help reps improve their sales. Rillavoice analyzes how the top performers in a sales team speak, and what they say specifically to provide reps automated feedback that helps reps improve their conversations, and ultimately, their sales. Rilla allows field sales managers to coach their reps remotely removing the need for manual and time consuming ride alongs.

Ingage offers interactive sales presentation technology to the home improvement industry and has become a leading technology provider in the space. With its interactive presentation features, robust sharing tools and rich analytics, Ingage’s powerful presentations give sales leaders the tools they need to compete in today’s market and win more business. Ingage’s analytics provide sales managers and owners with a “digital ridealong,” allowing them to see what parts of the presentation their sales reps are presenting in the home and how long they spend on the content. With the tap of a button sales reps can now jump from Ingage to Rillavoice to start the recording and simply tap back into Ingage for their visuals. Together, Ingage’s presentation analytics and Rillavoice’s recording and analytics will give sales managers the full picture of how each rep is presenting to the customer, providing invaluable coaching and training opportunities.

“Our customers value data to help train and coach their sales reps more effectively. We are thrilled to be able to partner with a company that values data as much as we do,” says Ingage VP of Sales, Jeff Mann. “Ingage’s rich advanced analytics combined with Rillavoice’s audio analytics will help our customers make every rep their best rep.”

“Sales is a highly competitive sport. And today, the only way to build championship teams in any sport is to use data to train your teams better,” says Sebastian Jimenez, CEO of Rillavoice. “Rillavoice uses AI to analyze sales conversations, and Ingage uses their software to analyze sales presentations. The combination of the two will give our customers the full picture.”

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About Rillavoice–. Rillavoice is a high growth startup serving a wide range of customers in home improvement, telecommunications, consumer goods and medical industries, including some of the largest Fortune 500 companies. Companies use the Rillavoice software to record, transcribe and analyze hundreds of thousands of in-person conversations their customers have with their salespeople in their homes or in their stores. Rillavoice has been featured on TechCrunch, the Verizon 5G labs and Forbes Next 1000. To learn more, visit

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Rillavoice Contact: Sebastian Jimenez
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