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Innersight Entertainment Introduces Book Two in Seven-Part Sage Alexander Series

DALLAS, April 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Innersight Entertainment is proud to announce the publication of Sage Alexander and the Blood of Seth by Steve Copling. This is the second book of the seven-book series named after the title character.

In Blood of Seth, the journey of Sage continues, whose birth has been foretold for centuries as the coming of a legendary warrior with supernatural abilities.

"What I loved about writing this second book was the chance to explore the mythology surrounding Sage's ancestry and how angelic humans came to obtain their gifts," said Copling.

For Sage, life was forever changed when he realized that the Angelic embodiments he could always see, the magnificent heavenly powers that he possessed, and the destiny he had always been told he had to fulfill were all real and true, and that his promised powers were necessary to defeat the Seven Princes of Hell. After saving his father from the clutches of Greed incarnate and destroying Prince Mammon, Sage has come to realize his place within the Angelic Council and the world as a protector to humanity, though the prospect is daunting. Sage has only just reunited his family back on Earth, but when Belphegor, the Prince of Sloth, takes Sage's little brother Nick out of revenge for the fall of Mammon, Sage must venture forth yet again into that dark wasteland mortals call Hell, and retrieve what is his. Will he continue on his path to destroy the seven embodiments of sin, or will he be thwarted by Sloth, and leave humanity to evil's devices?

About Innersight Entertainment

Innersight Entertainment is a boutique media company specializing in producing and distributing both original and acquired content — including novel adaptations, and television and web series productions.

For more information about the series, please visit sagealexander.net. For press inquiries, please contact Katy Day at 194099@email4pr.com or 940-395-6123.


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