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Innovation Insurance Group President, Ty R. Sagalow, Appears on Fox "Good Day NY"

Innovation Insurance Group, LLC President, Ty R. Sagalow appeared on Fox's "Good Day, NY" in a light hearted look at the risks that the show's anchors take in a segment called "Is GDNY too dangerous?"

NEW YORK, NEW YORK / JANUARY 24, 2014 / ACCESSWIRE / Innovation Insurance Group, LLC President, Ty R. Sagalow, appeared on Fox's "Good Day, NY" on January 24, 2014 with hosts Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly as the "Risk Analyst" in a segment called "Is GDNY too dangerous?

In this light hearted segment, the show's hosts ask Mr. Sagalow about the risks taken by the show's hosts in doing various activities on the show in which they were, or could have been, injured.

Recent episodes of the GDNY included "touch" football where Ms. Scotto injuried her foot and Mr. Kelly lying face down on a pool table as a professional pool player hit the cue ball off of his face.

Mr. Sagalow kidded the show hosts by telling them that they were "uninsurable" before advising them of the use of risk managment techniques that could help with obtain insurance.

The 7 1/2 minute clip is available on both the Fox web site at:


or at the Innovation Insurance Group web site at:


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Innovation Insurance Group (http://www.innovationinsurancegroup.com/) is a premier consulting company to the insurance industry formed by insurance veteran Ty R. Sagalow specializing in the development of new products and the providing of expert witness services in management and professional liability insurance. Among the products commonly credited with being created by Mr. Sagalow include Entity Coverage D&O, Y2k Insurance, Cyber liability insurance, corporate reputation insurance and intellectual property collaterial insurance.

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