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Innovation Leader Releases '15 Global Innovation Hotspots' List

List evaluates the density of research-and-development activity among large companies, as well as academic research, government support, and startups

BOSTON, June 18, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Innovation Leader, a magazine and website focused on innovation in large companies, has released its 2019 list of the top cities for corporate innovation and R&D activity outside of North America. Topping the list is Beijing, with London, Tel Aviv, Singapore, and Shanghai rounding out the top five. The list also includes Amsterdam, Basel, and Jakarta, cities that don't always get the same recognition for being innovation hotbeds as other cities on the list. The "Global Innovation Hotspots" list is the cover story of Innovation Leader's recently-released Spring 2019 magazine.

"Our list focuses on something different than startups and venture capital," says Scott Kirsner, CEO and Co-Founder of Innovation Leader. "We're looking at the amount of research-and-development and innovation activity that big companies do in each city — whether that's carmakers like Volkswagen and BMW setting up research outposts in Israel, Dyson deciding to move its headquarters from London to Singapore, or ING Group building a major new campus in Amsterdam that will be a home for both ING employees and fintech entrepreneurs."

The list takes into account factors such as:

  • Global 1000 companies with R&D labs or innovation centers, and their R&D investment levels
  • Outposts of major tech companies with large partner ecosystems (such as Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Salesforce)
  • Venture capital funding flows and startup density, including accelerator programs, incubators, and co-working spaces
  • The presence of top-tier research universities
  • Trade shows and conferences that bring people together to exchange ideas
  • The overall economic competitiveness of the country, along with governmental support for entrepreneurship, venture capital, and innovation infrastructure.

Innovation Leader's Top 15 Global Innovation Hotspots

1. Beijing, China
2. London, United Kingdom
3. Tel Aviv, Israel
4. Singapore
5. Shanghai, China
6. Stockholm, Sweden
7. Bangalore, India
8. Amsterdam, Netherlands
9. Tokyo, Japan    
10. Berlin, Germany
11. Seoul, South Korea
12. Basel, Switzerland
13. Shenzhen, China
14. Dubai, UAE
15. Jakarta, Indonesia

Making The List

"When we did our analysis, we were surprised to find how much activity there is in China — and not just in contract manufacturing," says Kirsner. "Jakarta was also a bit of a surprise for our team, at #15, but they've got a lot of things clicking right now, from fast-growing startups to government support to big multinationals like Google and Unilever that already have sites there."

The list appears in the Spring 2019 issue of Innovation Leader magazine, out this month, as well as online at:

Innovation Leader's next live event for corporate innovators takes place June 27-28 in London (which appears at #2 on the list). Info at https://london2019.innovationleader.com

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