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Innovation in Neurosurgery: Mizuho America Announces New Dissection Set Designed by A Renowned Neurosurgeon, Dr. Youssef

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- When a 48 year old active young lady realized her hearing and balance were slowly deteriorating in performing her day to day activities, she consulted with her doctor and was referred to a neuro-otologist. After several tests and imaging procedures she was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma, also known as a vestibular schwannoma.

Acoustic neuromas arise from cells covering the Acoustic Neuroma nerve. Acoustic Neuromas can grow slowly or rapidly and press against the brain interfering with vital functions. Treatments include regular monitoring, radiation and surgical removal.

Upon consultation with a neurosurgeon, one of her options was a surgical removal with hearing preservation given her young age and nature of her job that requires useful bilateral hearing. Acoustic Neuromas are skull base tumors intimate to critical neurovascular structures such as cranial nerves and brain stem. They require highly trained neurosurgeons, with many years of experience in order not to damage such fragile structures and nerves crucial to preservation of quality of life. Even the most skillful surgeon needs specialized instruments that are designed to perform the most delicate nerve dissection without damaging the nerves and structures near the tumor.

That is why Dr. A. Samy Youssef, MD, PhD, MSc, FAANS in collaboration with Mizuho America, developed the most advanced instrument set for nerve dissection. Dr. Youssef from University of Colorado Hospital is a prominent neurosurgeon that specializes in complex brain tumors, skull base tumors, minimally invasive surgeries, meningiomas, acoustic neuromas, pituitary tumors, trigeminal neuralgia and Chiari Malformation, among others. Dr. Youssef has been a pioneer in the combined endoscopic and microsurgery techniques, which has made a major change in the direction of minimally invasive surgery in the field. He is the author of over 100 publications including peer-review, abstracts, and book chapters. Dr. Youssef has given over 120 invited presentations nationally and internationally.

Mizuho America is a company with 30 years of history in developing the most advanced medical devices for neurosurgeons across the globe. Mizuho's state of the art clips used for aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations have been a golden standard in the industry since their inception. "Sugita® aneurysm clips and other Mizuho-designed products were developed in collaboration with the world's leading neurosurgeons. This means they're uniquely suited for the rigors and nuances of lengthy and complex procedures," said Dean Yamamura, President and COO of Mizuho America

Dr. Youssef's Micro Dissection Set includes 20 different instruments. The set is specially designed for microsurgical excision and nerve preservation for many types of tumors. It consists of spatula, round, putter and needle dissectors with different angles and tip sizes, teardrop probes, cup curettes and teardrop back-cutting knives. "One of the unique features is sequential arrangement of instruments in the set and color. Surgeons in his mind will have the picture of the instruments and stimulates different sense in human minds that get more consolidated in young and expert neurosurgeons," said Dr. Youssef.

Mizuho America will launch this set at the Congress of Neurological Surgeons Annual Meeting (CNS) this October in San Francisco. Dr. Youssef will personally train and explain the benefits of this set.

Please join us for Dr. Youssef presentation and virtual reality session to experience real surgical cases using the Dr. Youssef's Micro Dissection Set at our booth. To RSVP in a virtual reality session please subscribe to our mailing list on our website (www.mizuho.com).



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