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Innovative New App GetMeOut2 Provides Shield of Safety for Parents

GetMeOut2 is a Mobile Application that Ensures that Children Exit Vehicles and are not Left Behind

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 15, 2016 / A new mobile app, GetMeOut2 has hit the market, providing an extra shield of safety for parents in transit. Thirty eight children die in hot cars every year, noted a spokesperson for the project. Sadly, negligence is not always the cause of these deaths. All it can take is a lapse of memory to forget a child in the car. This is a sad occurrence that does not have to happen.

For More Information Please Visit: https://goo.gl/BskE3M

GetMeOut2 reminds drivers to check their car before they exit the vehicle. It is designed for ease of use; no configuration is required to run the app. The instrumentation is simple but innovative: the application runs in the background to determine when a parent or caregiver is in transit. It detects that the driver has stopped and is exiting the car then alerts them.

The alerts are communicated with vibration, text message and voice alert. An added feature alerts the driver if the vehicle temperature spikes and becomes dangerous. The app adds value to parents and caregivers of young children, but will also come in handy for pet owners.

The application was created by Jeng Apps; the developer felt that "although this issue continues to plague the news, current phone apps solutions don't seem to be enough. Having viewed many of these apps promising to help remind us not to forget children in the car, they don't seem practical."

It seems as though efficiency is at the heart of this mobile application. Parents and caregivers have enough to worry about, so the app focuses on ease of use and practicality. The creator of GetMeOut2 has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to finance their efforts. The app is available on Android, but the developer would like to expand its scope to be compatible with all mobile phone platforms.

About GetMeOut2:

GetMeOut2 is a mobile application that alerts parents, caregivers and pet owners when they are exiting their vehicle to ensure that no child or pet is left in a hot car which could put them in potentially deadly danger. The app runs in the background, determining when a person is in transit and when the vehicle has come to a stop then issues an alert reminding the driver to bring young occupants with them. The application was developed by Jeng Apps and is focused on simplicity and practicality. For more information please see: https://goo.gl/BskE3M.


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