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Innovative Beer Stein Called Kramstein is Officially Announced

The Kramstein will Keep Beer Nice and Frosty Cold while Also Keeping the Hands Dry

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 20, 2017 / Daniel Cram, Brett D'Aquino and Bill Espy, a trio of machinists and designers with over 50 years of experience between them, are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of the Kramstein beer stein.

To learn more about Kramstein and what helps to set it apart from traditional beer steins, please visit http://www.kramstein.com/at any time.

As a company spokesperson noted, Kramstein is a machined metal stein designed to keep the drink cool and the beverage enjoyer's hands dry.

"Cut from hard metal alloy, the stein's no-swivel frame keeps the heat of your hands away from the drinking glass, which is suspended in ionomer bushings," the spokesperson said.

The team behind Kramstein knows that beer is best served in a glass stein that keeps the liquid cold and gives the drink an ability to breathe. They also know that steins swivel and absorb heat from the hands, warming the drink and making hands cold and clammy.

Like many great products over the years, Kramstein was invented out of necessity. As the trio from Kramstein recall, when they stumbled upon some great local craft beer, they were disappointed when they realized they had nothing exciting or innovative to pour the brew into.

"With 50 years of design and machining experience between them, Dan, Brett, and Bill knew they could make a stein that allowed beer and ale drinkers to enjoy their beverage more," the spokesperson said, adding that they began tinkering on some concepts for steins that aim to eliminate all the things they don't like about drinking from steins.

"Kramstein keeps drinks cold longer, letting you focus on having a good time without suffering through a warm beer."

Kramstein will be available in two different sizes: the small stein AEON is designed to perfectly hold a 16 ounce beer. The larger stein, the EPOCH, is a modern-day version of a large festive stein. The steins will come in either a red, blue or clear anodized alloy frame, and they all feature strong glassware and stainless steel fasteners.

About Kramstein:

Kramstein is an innovative new beer stein that will help keep beer nice and cold, just the way it is supposed to be, while making sure the hands stay dry. Kramstein was developed by a trio of men with a passion for design and good beer. For more information, please visit http://www.kramstein.com/.


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