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Innovative Hospitality Solutions (IHS) Recommends COVID-19 Knowledge Base Test for Campus Dining Managers

As College & Universities consider their "Reopening IQ," IHS encourages critical thinking about COVID-19 risk.

WILMINGTON, Del., July 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Innovative Hospitality Solutions Inc. (IHS) encourages campus dining managers to test their "Reopening IQ" before actually reopening their college and university dining venues on campuses. Anyone can briefly, quickly, and easily assess their COVID-19-related foodservice safety knowledge with the "COVID-19 Knowledge Base Test". The immediate feedback and correct answers will identify gaps in reopening preparedness. Campus dining professionals and staff can learn what they know and—more importantly—what they don't know.

Knowledge is power when it comes to taking on the challenge of safely reopening campus foodservice operations. Validating the compliance that contracted operators or self-operated are meeting is going to be significant challenge this fall. The CrossCheck Covid-19 Monitoring Program by IHS is just one of five Strategic Initiatives by IHS to "Validate, Enhance, & Monitor" campus dining programs for the "New Normal."

"COVID-19 Knowledge Base Test" is based on Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommendations. This Test...

  • Hits All the High Points in 20 Questions
  • Provides Instant Feedback with Correct Answers
  • Encourages Critical Thinking About Risk Mitigation

Critical questions for Campus Dining Managers include:

Q: Is it necessary to clean and disinfect kitchens and service areas even if they have not been occupied since they were last closed?
Q: What is the most effective way to protect foodservice employees and dining customers from person-to-person contamination?
Q: What are the most effective methods to ensure that food service employees are washing their hands frequently?
Q: Who is protected by requiring foodservice employees to wear masks during work hours?

IHS Managing Director Matt Mundok explains why the COVID-19 Knowledge Base Test is a critical tool for any college or university reopening campus dining services. "Every college/university reopening plan will be different because every campus hospitality program is different," Mundok says. "So knowing the CDC and FDA guidelines inside and out will be critical to implementing each plan. Our Test encourages critical thinking in applying these guidelines in the real world to mitigate safety risks."

IHS is currently engaging higher education as well as corporate, and healthcare clients to help "Validate, Enhance, & Monitor" food and hospitality services programs for the New Normal. Services include:

  1. Reopening & Validation Checklists for COVID-19
  2. Service Delivery Modification Models
  3. Self-Service Station Modification Models
  4. Contract Language Modification Models
  5. COVID-19 Monitoring Program by CrossCheck 

Take the "COVID-19 Knowledge Base Test" today!

Learn more about all onsite hospitality initiatives for COVID-19 here:
IHS: https://ihsimpact.com/covid-19/ 
CrossCheck: https://crosscheckqa.com/covid-19/ 

About Innovative Hospitality Solutions Inc.
Innovative Hospitality Solutions (IHS) is a team of Food Service Management Consultants for corporate, campus, and healthcare facilities. IHS specializes in operational and financial assessments, strategic planning, operator selection processes (RFP), contract negotiations/compliance, design planning and customer service education. CrossCheck Quality Assurance is an all-encompassing resource for ensuring safety and compliance at onsite hospitality venues. CrossCheck now includes comprehensive Reopening Checklists and specific COVID-19 Test Areas for ongoing performance monitoring. CrossCheck incorporates compliance of federal, state, and local regulations as well as your organization's policies on service delivery and food station modifications.

Contact: Matt Mundok, Managing Director


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