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INSCOR, Inc. Expanded Plan Offers Solutions to High Income Earners, Entertainers and Athletes

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - Mar 26, 2013) - INSCOR, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: IOGA) announces the release of its new program based on the company's FIT OPEB plan. This new plan is tailored specifically for affluent individuals, entertainers and professional athletes. The "individual" program is called a FIT (Financed Insurance Trust) plan.

FIT OPEB plans were developed by INSCOR to create a predictable income stream for municipalities and corporations to fund retiree healthcare and other post-employment benefits at significantly reduced expense.

Richard Krabbeler, President of INSCOR, said, "The FIT plan is the most cost effective way to create, grow and protect wealth for literally pennies on the dollar. Taxes, expenses and risk of loss are hurdles that must be overcome in accumulating wealth. The FIT plan incorporates specially designed life insurance that eliminates the impact from taxes, is extremely low-cost, and has no down-side risk from market losses. In the case of many athletes and entertainers, their income earning period is often relatively short which can lead to a lavish lifestyle early on followed by decades of financial struggle and even bankruptcy. The FIT plan developed for them is designed to provide a lifetime of sustainable income without using Spartan, forced savings plans."

INSCOR's CEO Richard Doerr said like the FIT OPEB plan, the "individual" plan has been tailored to meet a specific need.

Doerr added, "Low-cost financing is available to fund premiums for life insurance in FIT plans with the policy providing collateral for the loan. Principal and interest can be rolled up in the loan and eventually paid-off from policy cash values. As a result there is little, if any, actual out-of-pocket cost to the affluent client for obtaining a substantial amount of life insurance that produces significant cash value in the retirement years."

About INSCOR, Inc.
INSCOR specializes in educating and marketing the FIT OPEB plan to municipalities and corporations as a low-cost solution to funding retiree and other employee benefits. A FIT plan variation also works for affluent individuals, entertainers and professional athletes -- whether for estate planning or funding cash flow needs. INSCOR's "FIT" (Financed Insurance Trust) strategy uses a combination of favorable financing terms, innovative uses of specific life insurance products and trusts -- all of which result in minimum levels of out-of-pocket costs for producing significant future funding and revenue stream opportunities.