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Insee awarded 2018 Most Impactful Blockchain Project Award at the 2018 Global Blockchain Technology Development Conference

HANGZHOU, China, June 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2018 Global Blockchain Technology Development Conference was held on the 23rd of June at the Beijing National Convention Centre. This conference was hosted by people.cn, the most influential government-backed media in China, and brought together government officials and leaders in the blockchain industry, such as Canaan, the parent company of Avalon and the first mining company to have an IPO. It also attracted prominent company executives including those from Alibaba and Tencent. The conference discussed the trajectory of blockchain and its future applications; moreover, projects were selected by the committee to acknowledge their contribution to the blockchain industry.

Insee received the 2018 Most Impactful Blockchain Project Award

Through its innovative approach in data processing and computation, Insee Network has left an impression in the blockchain space and received the 2018 Most Impactful Blockchain Project Award. Insee's founder & CEO Bright Yu presented his vision of creating a transparent equity settlement network for a visual content industry that is accessible to everyone.

Bright Yu was an early participant in the blockchain industry as a Bitcoin miner. In addition, Bright was heavily involved in the film and entertainment industry. Since 2014, he has invested and participated in the production of numerous successful films and television programs that have reached billions of views in the Chinese market. 

Through this experience, Bright realized the brokenness of the entertainment industry's supervising system and its inefficient collaboration process. In particular, an effective equity settlement system is absent. Thus, Insee utilizes blockchain and smart contracts to provide a transparent system that rewards every contributor fairly based on their participation in the crowd-creation and crowdfunding of entertainment projects; thereby, accelerating the creation and distribution of high-quality visual content. As a result, Insee appears to be a dark horse in the industry with the potential to be the next NEO, commonly referred to as the Chinese Ethereum.

Insee Network

Since its launch in 2017, the Insee team has been focused on developing its technology and made numerous appearances in the headlines. Its debut at the Huobi Conference held in Ho Chi Minh City drew significant attention from investors and community participants.

Insee Network recognizes and embraces the partnership of Huobi by being the first project to accept Huobi token for its fundraising. Insee integrates top resources from the blockchain community, the visual content industry, and the Huobi ecosystem, and connects the best visual content creators with users who are willing to participate in crowdfunding and crowd-creation.

About Insee

Insee is an Al-powered decentralized global visual content collaboration network, creating an accessible, decentralized and transparent ecosystem, where nodes are not only users, but also co-creators, and shareholders of visual contents. The contribution of nodes will be recorded and tokenized on the blockchain, thereby, creating an ecosystem of engaging content co-creation and efficient equity settlement for each participant. For more information, visit insee.io.


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