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Insider Makes Aggressive Purchase

President, CEO and Director Russell Edward Hallbauer purchased 652,074 shares of Taseko Mines Ltd. (TKO.TO) in the first quarter.

Taseko Mines Ltd is also traded in Germany and the U.S.


The company was incorporated on April 15, 1966, pursuant to the Company Act of the Province of British Columbia. Taseko Mines is the owner and operator of 75% of the Gibraltar mine, the second-largest open pit copper-molybdenum mine in Canada. Taseko Mines acquired Curis Resources in November 2014, the owner of the Florence Copper Project, an advanced stage copper recovery project in Arizona.

The Florence Copper Project is large; it lies 400 to 1,200 feet below the earth's surface. The natural features of the deposit allow the copper to be extracted without disturbing the land and with minimal environmental impact.

The president and CEO of Taseko Mines, Hallbauer has more than 35 years of experience in the mining industry. Hallbauer joined Taseko Mines on July 11, 2005 as the chief executive officer and president of the company. Hallbauer has received multiple awards during his career in the global metals and minerals industry. In 2010 he won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. He also won the Selwyn Blaylock Award from the Canadian Institute of Mining for his work in the advancement and development of the mineral industry in Western Canada.

Below is a Peter Lynch Chart for Taseko Mines Ltd


Taseko Mines has a few severe warning signs. The company's net margin is -20.43, which is lower than 69% of the 724 companies in the Global Industrial Metals and Minerals industry. The gross margin has been declining at an average rate of 40.6% since September 2005.

Taseko Mines has a few good signs. The P/B ratio is 0.25, ranking Taseko Mines ahead of 90% of the companies in the Global Industrial Metals and Minerals industry. The company's Shiller ratio, which determines a company's average inflation adjusted earnings over the previous decade, is higher than 91% of the companies in the industry. Hallbauer has 35 years of experience in the mining industry without any reported fraudulent activities which is another good sign for investors.

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