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In Insider Trading, Genomic Health Director Buys Shares and Iron Mountain Director Sells

Jonathan Moreland

In a victory for common sense, the trading behavior of company executives, directors, and large shareholders in the stocks of firms they're registered "insiders" at have been proven profitable to monitor by both academic studies and (more importantly) the experience of your fellow professional investors.

Below are lists of the top 10 mainly open-market insider purchases and sales filed at the Securities and Exchange Commission Thursday, February 21, 2013 as ranked by dollar value.

Please note, however, that these are factual lists, not buy and sell recommendations. Dollar value is only one metric to assess the importance of an insider transaction, and, frankly, often not even the most important metric that determines if an insider transaction is significant.

In insider purchases, Regals Capital Management, a beneficiary owner of Legend International Holdings (LGDI), bought $2,250,000 worth of company stock. Legend International is a development stage company that explores, develops, and mines base metal properties in Australia. Felix Baker, a Director of molecular diagnostics company Genomic Health (GHDX), bought $1,363,579 worth of company stock. At publicly owned investment management company Calamos Asset Management (CLMS), Founder, Chairman, and CEO John Calamos bought $651,102 worth of company stock. Darren Jackson, a Director of Fastenal Company (FAST), which is a wholesaler and retailer of construction and industrial supplies, bought $528,680 worth of company stock.

In insider sales, Vincent Ryan, a Director of information management company Iron Mountain (IRM), sold $17,755,412 worth of company stock. At publicly traded insurance broker Willis Group Holdings (WSH), Director Joseph Plumeri sold $12,964,320 worth of company stock. Brown and Williamson, a beneficiary owner of tobacco company Reynolds American (RAI). sold $11,376,641 worth of company stock. Reynolds American was created in 2004 when Brown and Williamson, then a controversial company due to claims that it added chemicals to its cigarettes to heighten addictive qualities, merged with R.J. Reynolds. At real estate information marketplace company Zillow (NASDAQ:Z), Co-Founder, Vice Chairman, and President Lloyd Frink sold $10,679,103 worth of company stock while Chairman Richard Barton sold $3,722,968 worth of company stock.

At InsiderInsights.com, we find new investment ideas just about every day using these and more intricate insider screens to determine where we should focus our subsequent fundamental and technical analysis. And while stocks don't (or shouldn't) move up or down based on insider activity alone, insiders tend to be good indicators of when real stock-moving events like earnings surprises, corporate actions, and new products may be in the offing.

Insider Purchases #: Filer Name Insider Titles Company Name Ticker Trans
Type Dollar Value
1 Regals Capital Mgt BO Legend Intl LGDI JB* $2,250,000
2 Baker Felix DIR,BO Genomic Health GHDX B $1,363,579
3 Calamos John P Sr CB,CEO,BO Calamos Asset Mgt CLMS B $651,102
4 RGM Capital BO Support Com SPRT B $608,245
5 Frost Phillip MD CEO,CB,BO Opko Health OPK B $585,484
6 Jackson Darren R DIR Fastenal FAST B $528,680
7 Chung Paul W VP,GC,SEC Targa Resources NGLS B $308,551
8 Del Guercio Joseph DIR Cytomedix CMXI JB* $280,000
9 Pennant Capital Mgt BO Universal Stainless USAP B $158,049
10 Kelliher James F CFO,TR Logmein LOGM B $135,320

Source: InsiderInsights.com | Key to Insider Title and Trans Type Codes

Insider Sales #: Filer Name Insider Titles Company Name Ticker Trans
Type Dollar Value
1 Ryan Vincent J DIR Iron Mountain IRM AS $17,755,412
2 Mastercard Fdn BO Mastercard MA S $12,964,320
3 Plumeri Joseph J DIR Willis WSH S $11,530,951
4 Brown & Williamson BO Reynolds American RAI JS* $11,376,641
5 Frink Lloyd D VCB,PR,BO Zillow Z S $10,679,103
6 Noell Charles III DIR Servicenow NOW S $6,013,989
7 Chapman John DIR Kapstone Paper KS S $4,390,737
8 Henry Brian C VP,CFO CRAY CRAY S $4,374,592
9 Nelson Zachary PR,CEO,DIR Netsuite N AS $4,192,493
10 Barton Richard N CB,DIR,BO Zillow Z S $3,722,968

Source: InsiderInsights.com | Key to Insider Title and Trans Type Codes

Editor's note: Jonathan Moreland is the founder of Insider Insights and author of "Profit From Legal Insider Trading."

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