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Inspirational Lindy Hop Blog Lindyverse Launches Completely Redesigned Look

Lindyverse Tells the Story of How Learning to Lindy Hop has Changed One Man's Life in Amazing Ways

HATFIELD, UK / ACCESSWIRE / July 29, 2015 / Don Mazonas, founder of the lindy hop blog called Lindyverse, is pleased to announce that he has just redesigned his blog to make it easier for readers to navigate.

To say that Don is passionate about the lindy hop is probably an understatement. Since Don first began dancing on May 20, 2013 at SavoyHop he has discovered firsthand the many ways that the lindy hop has changed him physically, mentally and spiritually.

"Lindy hop has transformed my life," Don said, adding that he was so amazed with the way jazz music and the energetic swing dancing impacted his life, he decided to share his stories and European dancing adventures with others.

As Don explained, one of the first tangible changes he noticed after he started lindy hopping was weight loss. Within eight months of trying the partnered dance for the first time, he lost 20 KGs. He has now shed 25 total KGs and he has been able to easily maintain his weight at around 70 to 75 KGs, all without dieting.

Lindy hop has also changed Don mentally. The once self-described shy introvert who preferred to stay home and work now loves to be out and about with his new dancing friends.

"Last but not least, lindy hop has also transformed me spiritually," Don said, adding that when he is dancing, he enters with a "no-mind" mind-set and lets the music fill it up.

"No problem is too big, all the stress is gone, and I dance in the present moment without thinking about past or the future. For me, this is as spiritual as it can get – being present while doing what you love."

Anybody who would like to learn more about how lindy hop has dramatically changed Don's life for the better is welcome to visit Lindyverse; there, they can read about Don's travels around Europe attending lindy hop classes, workshops and camps.

About Lindyverse:

Don Mazonas has lindy hopped all over Europe for the past 2 years. Lindy hop is his true passion and he shares his experiences on his newly redesigned blog called Lindyverse. For more information, please visit http://www.lindyverse.com/.


Don Mazonas

SOURCE: Lindyverse