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Instagram star Lauren Elizabeth admits to Facetune, reveals the practices that keep her humble

YouTube sensation and Instagram influencer Lauren Elizabeth stopped by The Morning Breath with Jackie and Claudia Oshry on Thursday morning to reveal photo-editing secrets and talk about how she keeps her growing brand “authentic.”

Pressed for details on how her Instagram profile pics remain pristine and blogworthy, Elizabeth admits, “I use Facetune 2, and I’m not afraid to say it.”

“I am a Facetune advocate,” concurs Claudia.

Another trick she employs unapologetically to create the perfect post is to use the teeth-whitening tool on just about anything in the picture other than teeth. “People don’t know, but I use the teeth whitener for everything,” says Elizabeth, whose online aesthetic is clean lines, pale pastel tones, and full-length mirror selfies.

She’s not alone in the practice — Jackie Oshry admits to the same. “One time I was at someone’s apartment and I whitened their whole wall,” says Oshry with a laugh.

By the way, Elizabeth is much more than just a sensation and an influencer — which, for many, would be enough. The rising star and Chicago native revealed that her résumé includes jewelry designer (collaborating with Mejuri), producer, writer, and actress.

It’s a résumé you won’t find on LinkedIn. The 23-year-old jokes: “I don’t have a LinkedIn, because I have an Instagram.”

Along with her admission about using plenty of editing tools and other tricks, the Bad Night actress also discloses that her Instagram posts are in real time intentionally. She doesn’t use scheduling apps, saying: “I’m not that person. I get that the businesswoman in me should be doing that.” Despite her preference for photo editing tricks, Elizabeth says she prefers to remain “authentic and organic.”