Insurance Navy Expands SR22 Insurance Coverage to Four States

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Insurance Navy is proud to announce that they will be expanding its SR-22 insurance coverage to four states – Georgia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Tennessee.

CHICAGO, June 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- SR22 insurance is an essential car insurance product, so much so that some drivers are required to carry an SR-22 in order to drive legally when they have been deemed high-risk by car insurance company standards. This is usually after a series of traffic violations, driving without a license or a major one like a DUI or DWI that resulted in a driver's license being suspended. Drivers are able to get their driver's license reinstated along with their driving privileges, but only if they have the proper insurance coverage. SR-22 insurance, an SR-22 certificate or SR22 Form, is the main component in doing this.

"Providing low-cost car insurance for high-risk drivers has been one of our practices since day one," says Insurance Navy CEO Fadi Sneineh, "It's impossible for drivers with suspended licenses to return to the road without SR-22 insurance, and not every insurance company offers SR-22's. We've become a beacon for drivers in the Chicagoland and Houston areas who need SR-22 certificates to get their suspended driver's license back. We're happy to be extending our SR-22 coverage to Georgia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Tennessee."

The most common reason why drivers require SR-22 insurance coverage is driving under the influence violations. While some of these violations can be from accidents, a vast majority are pulled over before any damage is done. In addition to the penalties associated with intoxicated driving like fines and jail time, drivers are held to a new high-risk car insurance standard that only an SR-22 can satisfy.

Of course, an SR-22 isn't a form of car insurance on its own. Rather, it's a certificate that a high-risk driver has financial responsibility for their high-risk car insurance. While insurance rates will be higher than average rates, they can return to normal in time as long as the SR-22 certification is maintained and renewed accordingly.

"SR-22 insurance also requires communication with the states' DMVs. We're also known for acting as reliable liaisons between our policyholders and their Department of Motor Vehicles. We strive to keep car insurance rates affordable after something like a license suspension. Many people need to drive, and that shouldn't be expensive because of one mistake." Sneineh said.


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