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Integrated Ventures Completes The Elimination Of All Corporate Debt

PHILADELPHIA, May 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Integrated Ventures, Inc. (INTV) (the "Company") today announced that it has executed a Settlement & Forbearance Agreement ("SFA") with LG Capital in regards to the certain Note Payable.

The Company has agreed to provide a cash payment of the amount of $135,427.11 (the total outstanding amount) with balance of $29,257.12 (accrued interest) to be paid by July 1, 2018.

"We are happy to confirm that the Company has completed the retirement of all corporate debt and notes payable as of 05/04/2018," commented Steve Rubakh, CEO of Integrated Ventures, Inc.

"This SFA is in line and consistent with our goals to continue to strengthen our financial position and to enhance equity returns for our shareholders.

"The elimination of all liabilities from the Company's Balance Sheet is an integral component of positioning INTV for market expansion and qualifications for up listing to a higher exchange.

"We are excited about our asset growth, currently at $1.6 million (unaudited results), about the advancement of our operational and business goals and about upcoming acquisition opportunities in the cryptocurrency space."

About Integrated Ventures, Inc.: Integrated Ventures is focused on acquiring, launching and operating companies in the cryptocurrency sector ("BitcoLab"), mainly in digital currency mining, equipment manufacturing, sales of branded mining rigs ("Nemesis") and blockchain software development ("LoanFunder").

For more details, please visit www.integratedventuresinc.com.

***About Cryptocurrency Investments & Risks***

Integrated Ventures urges all current and potential investors to visit: (1) SEC website: https://www.sec.gov/news/public-statement/statement-clayton-2017-12-11, (2) NASAA website: http://www.nasaa.org/44073/nasaa-reminds-investors-approach-cryptocurrencies-initial-coin-offerings-cryptocurrency-related-investment-products-caution/ and (3) FINRA website: https://www.finra.org/investors/highlights/dont-fall-cryptocurrency-related-stock-scams to understand the risks involved in cryptocurrency investing.

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