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The integration of Finance and Artificial Intelligence is discussed with host Laurence Fishburne on "Behind The Scenes"

An upcoming episode of the program will discuss how AI will affect the financial sector.

MIAMI, Oct. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Laurence Fishburne has been one of the most successful actors in Hollywood for the past few decades. While he has a long list of action films that have done well with critics and at the box office, he is also the voice of "Behind the Scenes", a series that takes viewer deep into a variety of different topics that affect the world today. This provides anyone with an informative and fact-based view of important topics including economics, healthcare, and technology.

In an upcoming episode of "Behind the Scenes" the series will provide viewers with a very interesting take on artificial intelligence and how it can impact parts of consumer lives in a way never previously considered. While most people are aware that artificial intelligence will change many different aspects of industry, one area that will soon be more impacted by it than ever before are the financial markets.

Today, trillions of dollars across the globe are held in stocks, bonds, funds, and other securities that are all part of the international financial markets. Historically, many of these trades have been made by seasoned investors and financial managers. However, technology is now changing this as artificial intelligence will soon provide a unique way to analyze markets and also cultivate new ways of facilitating transactions. While AI technology could make trading and investing more efficient, there is confusion, and concern in some cases, about exactly how these processes will be implemented and executed. This upcoming episode will feature experts in the field who will analyze all sides of this debate to ensure the viewer is as informed as possible about how their money could be managed in the coming decade.

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