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Intel Goes Deeper into Cloud and Data Center After Missing Mobile

Jon C. Ogg

Intel Corp. (INTC) is unveiling new technology for cloud applications. The semiconductor and processor giant is bringing out new systems-on-chip (SoCs) to optical fiber for cloud-optimized products on network, storage, microservers and rack designs. Most investors know that Intel has missed out on much of the move to mobile processing, but now Intel is trying to rapidly expand other areas outside of its traditional dominance in processors for PCs and servers.

The company's new portfolio of data center products and technologies is targeted toward cloud service providers, with greater efficiency and flexibility into infrastructure.

The market for servers and network and storage infrastructure is said to be migrating into the microserver, cold storage and entry networking segments. Intel plans to help cloud providers boost their utilization rates while driving down costs.

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Intel's new SoCs are the first Intel products based on the Silvermont micro-architecture and are coming out nine months after the previous generation. Supporting billions of devices and users simultaneously is changing how data centers have to operate. Intel claims to be providing "the key innovations that original equipment manufacturers, telecommunications equipment makers and cloud service providers require to build the data centers of the future.”

Intel also introduced the Intel Ethernet Switch FM5224 silicon. This is to be combined with the WindRiver Open Network Software suite and is expected to bring new solutions to servers for improved density and lower power. Also being released are Intel Rack Scale Architecture as well as customized and optimized Intel Atom SoCs for new and existing market segments.

We are not going to say that this effort makes Intel's weak sales into smartphones and tablets much better. The move is still underway there and time is going to tell how Intel does on that front.

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If you want to see the full releases with full products, that can be seen here. Intel shares were up 2.8% at $22.80 on last look against a 52-week range of $19.23 to $25.98.

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