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IntelliResponse Launches VOICES, Bringing Breakthrough VOC Technology to Digital Customer Service

TORONTO--(Marketwired - Jun 25, 2013) - IntelliResponse, the leading provider of virtual agent technology solutions for the enterprise, today announced the launch of VOICES, the first and only Voice of the Customer technology designed to help enterprises visualize and derive actionable insight from customer questions posed on digital channels. This breakthrough tool captures and automates authentic "Voice of the Customer" data from client interactions across web, mobile, agent and social channels and transforms it into a collection of easy-to-digest customer insights. These insights can be accessed in real-time to enable faster, more informed decision-making and communication with customers.

VOICES captures every question customers and prospects ask, in their own natural language, through any self-service interaction channel. Leveraging sophisticated linguistic and statistical native language processing, in combination with data visualization technology, VOICES makes it incredibly fast and simple for marketers to identify and compare customer trends over specified periods. The data is automatically structured into organized and intuitive themes via a highly visual format, so marketers can explore trends or drill-down to the originating questions to help them understand exactly how a customer expressed a need or problem. On a larger scale, VOICES enables marketers to identify changes in behavior and the marketplace to build a better, more detailed profile of customers over time.

"Businesses today know that in order to succeed, they need a 'Voice of the Customer' strategy for their digital channels, but few even know where to begin, let alone execute on it," said David Lloyd, CEO, IntelliResponse. "At IntelliResponse, we want to enable companies to make that leap quickly and effectively. With VOICES, we're putting powerful, easy-to-use technology into the hands of marketing, customer care and customer experience teams to help companies finally unlock value from the millions of online questions customers posed to them every day, and use it to make smarter decisions across all facets of their business."

VOICES represents a welcome addition to the expanding market for Voice of the Customer technology. Traditional market research methods are time-consuming, costly and limited to a specific timeframe, while major analysis platforms require specialized IT skills and training to extract insight from customer data. VOICES displays themes in a way that is intuitive to a visual user, making it possible for employees at every level to recognize customer trends and act on them. This broader access increases the value of customer insight to not just marketing, but sales, customer service and other departments to help them tailor communications and adjust campaigns in real-time to maximize their performance.

Mitch Kramer, senior consultant with analyst firm Patricia Seybold Group, said, "VOICES extends the application of IntelliResponse's Virtual Agent from virtual-assisted customer service to Voice of the Customer; from delivering answers to customers' questions to providing customer service, product and marketing staff with information critical to developing, implementing and refining their strategies. VOICES is a powerful analytic application for IntelliResponse, as well as a significant strength and differentiator."

Product Availability
VOICES is currently in production and generally available to IntelliResponse customers.

Live Webinar
IntelliResponse will be hosting a live webinar on June 27, 2013 at 2:00pm EDT, entitled: VOICES - The New Gateway to Digital Voice of the Customer Insight. To register for this webinar, please visit www.intelliresponse.com/voices-webinar

Additional Resources
To learn more about IntelliResponse VOICES, please visit http://www.intelliresponse.com/products/intelliresponse-virtual-agent/voices/

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IntelliResponse is the leading provider of virtual agent technology solutions for the enterprise. We create profitable online conversations for our private and public sector customers around the world.

Our patented Virtual Agent solutions transform corporate websites, mobile applications, social media channels and agent desktops into world class self-service platforms. Using IntelliResponse, consumers can ask questions using natural language and get instant, accurate answers as well as targeted offers that lead them down the purchase path and improve conversion. What's more, key voice of the customer insights are captured in natural language, allowing companies to build highly detailed customer profiles over time.

IntelliResponse is the gold standard in first line customer experience, offer management and customer intelligence. Some of the world's most recognized corporate brands and public institutions trust their customer experience management needs to IntelliResponse -- including CIBC Bank, ING Direct, Charter Communications, Progress Energy, Copa Airlines, Kobo Books, Penn State University, Yale University and Harvard University.

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