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Intergrader is Solving the Grading Challenge for MOOCs & Online Platforms

Linguistics-based AI Aims to Reduce Inefficiencies with Grading

WALTHAM, Mass., Dec. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Intelligent Machines Lab Inc. (IML), a Waltham-based provider of AI-powered writing and assessment solutions, announced today the release of Intergrader™, an Open Response and Essay Assessment product based on Gyan, its deep linguistic learning platform.

Currently deployed at top-tier global higher-education institutions, Intergrader™ is the first-ever auto assessment technology that uses explainable and transparent AI. It is being used in online courses ranging from the humanities to the sciences, and it consistently outperforms teaching assistant grading and peer grading.

Intergrader™ examines open-text responses and essays in the context of a course's rubric, lecture notes, and additional types of supporting documents. The approach of Intergrader™ is radically different from prevalent AI methods, which have faced scrutiny in various EdTech news outlets. The challenges Intergrader™ overcomes include demographic and other biases, dependence on impractically large training sets, and black-box opacity. The approach of Intergrader™ retains context at the full-response level--necessary for comprehensive assessment--and provides complete transparency, with analytics on all scores. It is ideally suited for the real world of busy professors who need to frequently change assessments, where anything beyond the smallest volumes of training data is unavailable, and where students need to understand the rationale behind their grades.

Vishaal Jatav, the CTO and Head of Engineering at IML, points out, "With its unique discourse model, based on deep computational linguistics, it is designed for high performance in sparse-data environments."

"To deal with the challenge of grading at scale, online courses have been compelled to lower the bar on assessment quality by eliminating open response assessments and relying almost exclusively on multiple choice questions," says Emil Kuruvilla, Vice President at IML. "Intergrader™ has the potential to transform online learning."

To learn more about Intergrader™, please visit: https://www.inter-grader.com

About Intelligent Machines Lab

Intelligent Machines Lab's vision is to empower our clients with practical, traceable, contextual AI solutions designed for high performance, including in sparse-data situations.  We do this by applying our pioneering natural language processing technology and deep computational linguistics to help our clients solve previously unsolved high-value problems. Our products enable real-time research, automate complex assessments, and facilitate high-quality writing. Our custom solutions enable knowledge-based solutions involving the understanding of unstructured content. Visit us at http://intelligentmachineslab.com/

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