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The International 2017 Dota 2 Battle Pass released, includes co-op campaign

A co-op campaign is coming to the furiously competitive Dota 2 (Valve)

With excitement building around The International 2017, Valve has decided it’s time for them to drop the Battle Pass for the biggest Dota 2 tournament of the year.

As always, the Battle Pass costs $10, 25 percent of which will be tossed into the prize pool for the tournament. Just like in previous years, anyone who picks up the Pass will receive a slew of cosmetic rewards, including chances at rare items for Slark, Bloodthirster, Broodmother, and others. They can also bet on matches, vote for the next Arcana set, and participate in amateur Battle Cup tournaments.

This year, a bunch of new stuff is being added to the pack. There’s new Relics, tower skins based on your team’s Prestige level, queue trivia, team-based cosmetics on Teleport Effects, and…a co-op campaign.

You read that right. Dota 2, one of the competitive game old guards, is getting its first co-op campaign. Those that drop the $10 for the Pass can team up with three of their friends to play through a story mode. Broken up into two parts, the first of which is coming “later this month,” the mode will feature exclusive rewards upon completion, including a chance at a Desert Sands Baby Roshan courier.

The International 2017 main event kicks off on August 7, and the world’s teams are starting to finalize their rosters for the event. For more, head over to the Yahoo Esports Dota 2 hub.

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