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International Campaign Increases Viator Retargeting Performance

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - Nov 7, 2012) - mediaFORGE, the leader in display advertising innovation, today released the results of a retargeting case study conducted in partnership with its travel client Viator.com. The study demonstrates the success of an international campaign designed to increase Viator's retargeting opportunity. 

Viator is the world's leading online resource for destination travel experiences. Having had long-term success with mediaFORGE as its retargeting provider in the U.S., Viator decided to expand its campaign to three international markets -- the U.K., Australia and Canada. 

To maximize the effectiveness of these campaigns, Viator's VP of Marketing, Kelly Gillease, and mediaFORGE decided to run custom campaign strategies in each market. This involved ramping up media buys in each market during its peak travel season, allowing Viator to reach the right consumers when they were most ready to book travel. The results were extremely effective at increasing the performance of Viator's retargeting campaign:

  • International retargeting ads multiplied Viator's site retargeting opportunity by 148%
  • Engagements increased by 148%
  • Retargeting revenue increased by 100%

"Working with mediaFORGE to expand site retargeting internationally strengthened our global footprint and significantly added to our retargeting results -- accomplishing two of our major marketing objectives for 2012," says Gillease. "We were thrilled to see the increase in consumers engaging with our brand and the tangible impact that engagement had on driving bookings on our site."

The mediaFORGE dynamic ad platform is uniquely designed to facilitate website-like interactions to engage consumers in a customized in-ad shopping experience. Applying this technology to Viator's international retargeting campaign resulted in dynamic ads featuring scrollable feeds of personalized travel destinations. The ability to navigate relevant and featured travel packages directly in the ad engaged consumers without requiring them to leave the page they were browsing when the ad appeared.

"As innovations around dynamic creative continue to improve the potential for online advertising to influence consumer behavior, it makes sense to experiment with its potential to create a unique impact for international consumers," says mediaFORGE CEO Tony Zito. "At mediaFORGE, we believe that advertising should be an entertaining experience for consumers. By understanding your audience and using the latest technology to reach them as individuals, as we did with Viator, you can create something impactful for a myriad of consumer profiles across the world under the umbrella of a single marketing campaign."

About mediaFORGE
mediaFORGE is a dynamic display and retargeting company that delivers a personalized and interactive ad experience that converts prospects and increases revenue. As an alternative to traditional performance metrics, mediaFORGE focuses on Consumer Engagement -- proven to have the highest influence on conversion. Clients only pay for conversions when mediaFORGE can prove its influence, creating more confidence in performance and an unbeatable return on ad spend. mediaFORGE was acquired by Rakuten LinkShare in 2012. Together they create efficiencies for advertisers between affiliate and display channels. For more information, please visit: www.mediaforge.com.