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International Career Institute Releases Institutional History Report

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / February 4, 2020 / An independent and private provider of online education, the International Career Institute (ICI) is proud to announce the 2020 release of its educational history.

The International Career Institute pioneered the way for online educational platforms to take root and continues to take advantage of new technological advancements to provide an increasingly convenient and high-quality education for students from around the world.

Facts about the International Career Institute

While the annual revenue of the International Career Institute is unknown, the ICI has never raised capital in the past and has expressed their intention of ever doing so in the future. The ICI has made it a point to reinvest all surplus funds into the continued growth of its online platform, which continues to be its biggest strength.

Online education allows students from all over the world to access courses no matter their time zone or location. As such, students from over 150 countries attend ICI regularly. By simply logging into an online portal, students can access their courses conveniently and at their leisure.

The most popular countries include the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates.

The founding of the ICI

The vision behind ICI came from senior educators who saw the need for a global multi-disciplined private education provider who specialized in career-focused education.

One of the goals of ICI was to offer the broadest range of career education programs currently available. Today, the International Career Institute has one of the most diverse course offerings currently offered by a private provider of online education.

In the early days of ICI, course notes would be bound and mailed to students. Later on, courses were delivered via CDs. As technology continued to evolve, ICI evolved with it. Today, students can log on to personalized online portals to access their courses in real-time.

As we move into 2020 and beyond, the International Career Institute continues to focus much of their attention on taking advantage of cutting-edge technological advancements, providing a better education for their students as a result.

Staying Independent and Private

The International Career Institute has made it clear that they have no intention of going public. This is because the ICI is not focused on making a sale. Rather, management remains primarily focused on providing the best quality education for their students.

At ICI, staff put an emphasis on their ability to support students in their courses and career aspirations. The relevance of course content is continuously under review to ensure the most recent information is being taught at any given time.

When students graduate, ICI goes above and beyond by helping graduates find a job that matches their newly acquired skill set. Furthermore, ICI regularly employs mystery shoppers to ensure the utility of their training programs.

Reaching an international audience

The International Career Institute, as the name suggests, reaches a truly global audience. ICI attracts students from more than 150 countries from around the globe. Students are accommodated in a variety of ways, including curriculum customizations to assist with localization of course content, interest-free payment plans, and a web-based tutor with quick turn-around time targets.

With all of these factors combined, students are accommodated regardless of time zone, location, or personal circumstances.

Moving forward

The International Career Institute continues to lead the way for online education providers. Thousands of students turn to ICI each year to improve their employment prospects and move forward with their lives.

While no one can say what the future holds with any degree of certainty, it's clear that the International Career Institute will continue taking advantage of the latest technological advancements to provide a high-quality education for a new generation of students and job seekers.

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